This is the month of self-appraisal for you and you would like to see yourself on the top of the world. You would also like to scan your personality, and love to compare your own persona with your icons. There could be some minute health hazards and apart from that there is nothing to regret or feel miserable about. True understanding of self is realization of God and you may try to eradicate what is wrong and weak within you.


Charity and wellbeing are the keywords of this month. Your compassion towards others will be the trademarks of your personality. This attitude will help keep harmony in your life. You can deal with your superiors with a remarkable level of modesty and humility. However, expenditure and burden will go beyond control and you may have to deal with some sufferings. There could be snags while traveling. You have the strength to bear all hitches with vigour and learn to tackle odds.


Your personal bonds and connections are profound, be it love or friendship. Your new posture has created great deal of delicate affection from your friends to you. These understandings have now been developed into an essential element of your attitude, which gives you more happiness. Your insights are fantastic and this can make you a winner. It also gives birth to positive qualities, leadership and talent.


What more can you expect than honor, status, appreciation, success, realization and gains from your destiny? You may get hold of insight, spirituality, true knowledge and talent. The gains are effortless and instinctive and there is no room for arrogance or stiffness. You communicate to people your ethics and thoughts. You can resolve problems and renovate home for the better. Everything is positive, productive, well-planned and taken in the right spirit.


This month you will be unfailing and unwavering in your efforts to realize your work at home and office. You might get drawn to tricky situations hence you need to have cool nerves and brush aside pessimism. You possess power in spiritual, religious and academic areas. You may foster it which in turn will serve you in your progress. You may avoid discussing problems of others. As you are successful at building up harmony at home, you can find better ways to express your insight.


You will be enhancing your powers to the paramount so that you can elevate yourself to new height of achievement. You could be busy with money matters like fund raising and investments. You may also experience a sea-change in your thoughts while pondering over matters like spirituality, philosophy, rebirth and death. You might perhaps deal with debts and family commitments.


This month you will not have to put much effort at work and finance will come effortlessly. All your projects will progress amazingly. You might experience good rapport with people around you, and you can have excellent tuning with your colleagues and members of family. You may have to deal with bitterness, jealousy, rivalry and legal pursuits. You might travel overseas on a spiritual tour.


This month you will have favorable results from your organization in work and earnings. Your personality is made of prudence and friendliness. You rally around others nicely and seriously. You need to have peaceful mind while you are in relationship. You should be prepared to negotiate and compromise to put forth issues related to financial credit. Your fresh attitude and reasoning ability help you to be successful. sagittarius horoscope


This month your achievements may enhance the quality of life with exciting sense of adventure. You will gain, progress and have deep satisfaction. You will take more responsibilities. Interactions, thoughts and shrewdness will play fundamental part in your life. You will enjoy trips, romance, entertainment and new relationships. Your popularity, public image, liveliness will give you an opportunity to live blissful moments of your life. You could accomplish all this due to your aspiration to live life.


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