With a stunning display, built-in high-end features and excellent design, the Samsung S21 Ultra is the perfect camera phone. Introducing world’s first mobile phone with built-in camera to make a revolution in taking pictures allowing you to capture spectacular stills and video, all at one go. And with Samsung’s latest chip, the fastest processor, toughest glass and longest lasting battery, Ultra conveniently lives up to it’s name. With a large, high-definition screen, it’s a pleasure to use. samsung s21 ultra

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So let’s start at the beginning the Samsung S21. The phone comes with a dual touch screen feature called capacitive multi-touch technology – where the user can use their finger to pinch or gesture to zoom in and out of pictures. One of the most liked functions of S21 is the built in camera. It has a built in DVR which allows you record your own videos and play them back at any time, anywhere. Yes, you heard me right – You can watch your old favorite video right on your Samsung S21 Ultra.

Now let’s talk about performance. The S21 has a big screen size (5.5 inches) which gives you plenty of room to take in everything that you want to see. I especially like the spacious viewing area afforded by the curved screen – it makes watching TV and movies fun! The screen has a very sharp resolution (nitpicky about the callouts, though), and color quality is very rich and vibrant. The screen is also Super AMOLED type, so it’s not going to give you second hand distortion at all – that’s been a complaint about LCD screens from time to time.

One thing that may irk you a little bit is that the phone isn’t waterproof. But don’t be alarmed – the phone is water and shock resistant. In fact, it can withstand being submerged in up to two and a half feet of water for twenty minutes. The battery can last all day long on a single charge, which is pretty amazing. The phone also comes with a charger in the box, but you may want to purchase a separate cable for charging other electronic devices as well (like your digital camera, gaming consoles, etc).

Overall, the phone is well built and looks great. There’s just one minor glitch, and that’s the fact that it can’t take advantage of U.S. WiFi signals. That said, it’s an affordable device that would make any gadget lover happy.

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