Usually by the time dad turns fifty the kids are teens or young adults. Through the years most of the emphasis is on the kids’ birthday cakes and parties. Each child has special memories of wonderful parties and birthday cakes. Ideas for these events are usually the domain of mom who seems to come up with something unique each time.

This is why dad’s 50th birthday cake should be special. It is around this time that his birthday can be the event of the year. There are no more kids to take center stage. No matter how much he loved being part of his kids’ parties he would be very touched to have everyone concentrating on his birthday for a change. online cake delivery singapore

This is a good event to get each and every family member involved. One of the biggest decisions is the birthday cake. If dad has an appreciation of good whisky or fine wine then have a cake in the shape of his favorite blend. This may prove to be too complicated to do at home. There are decorators who are able to make exact cake replicas of just about any item. These ordered birthday cakes are so true to life that it is hard to believe it is a cake to be eaten. If you do order the cake then it still leaves plenty to do in organizing the rest of the party.

Another favorite cake for dad is a cake in the shape of his most coveted car. You may not be able to give him an actual Ferrari or Lamborghini but you can make his day by presenting him with a special cake. Once again this kind of cake would usually be made by a specialist cake maker. If your car cake is red then carry this color over to the balloons and also the invitations. The guest list must include all the friends and family that make his life fun.

Choosing the food is also important. If his birthday is during summer then most dads would love to have a birthday barbecue. It is a lot easier to have an overflow from the house into the garden. A barbecue is also an easy way to cook for a large party of people. Just make sure there are plenty of barbecued sausages and hamburgers. Have big bowls of potato salad and coleslaw. Use tubs filled with ice for the beer and soft drinks.

If you do not want to order a cake and prefer to bake one, then any dad will love a heart shaped cake. You will need to have two heart shaped cake pans or a heart shaped template. If you use the template then you would use it to cut out the heart shape once a round or square shaped cake was baked. Stick to the red theme and make a red butter icing. This kind of icing could cover a vanilla or chocolate sponge. A heart is an easily recognized symbol and the perfect touch to a perfect birthday barbecue for dad. Fifty candles would be too many so place one candle in the middle of the cake and you will have one of the best 50th birthday cake ideas for Dad.

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